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1. Pray

We appreciate your encouragement and prayers in this work. They are felt more than you know. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter, and you can join our prayer team, receiving monthly email updates with prayer requests.

You can also like our Foothold facebook page to stay updated on how best you can pray for our work and encourage us along the way and follow us also on Instagram.

2. Give

Financial gifts make the work happen. There is no such thing as a small gift in our view.  We especially appreciate ongoing gifts no matter how small. Monthly donations add up quickly and help us plan for future projects.

Purchase a bar of soap. Visit to order soap online or visit our local shops in Chillicothe.

Go to our giving page to choose the giving option that is best for you.  We will be updating some new ways to give in September 2020.

3. Advocate

Start off by learning more about us first by doing any of the following:

      • Sign up for our email newsletter Sign up here
      • Join us for our monthly brown bag lunch now online.  Check out our calendar to confirm dates.  (Due to Covid, we are currently holding these meetings online through Google Meeting).
      • Meet with Brad & Cherie personally or one of our board members We enjoy to meeting with people face to face to talk about our work.

Host a soap party

Our soap parties are a fun, non-threatening way to introduce us to your friends.  Consider your coworkers, friends, small group, or bible study class.  To find out more about our soap parties, visit Soap Party Fun blog.

Host a fundraiser event

Host a Water Walk in your neighborhood, social club or church, or gather friends together for a fundraising social event. We are always open to fun, creative ideas from our supporters, so please let us know your suggestions.

Social Media Advocacy


You can start off by liking our Foothold  page to stay updated.  The next step is to go beyond “likes.” While we’re always grateful for any “likes” on our posts because it is encouraging, and it does help boost our updates on the newsfeed.  You may consider going a small step further by:

  • Sharing our post—this extends our influence to your friends and
  • Share our posts with a comment about how you feel about it or why you like Foothold.
  • Tag your post with someone who you think would be interested in our work.


Foothold and Namelok are new to Instagram, so forgive us as we grow in this area.

  • Follow Foothold on Instagram.
  • Like our posts.
  • Comment on our posts gets even more attention and tag someone.
  • Introduce us to people you know who may be interested in supporting us or partnering with us in some way. Face-to-face introductions work best, but email or phone introductions can be a first step.

4. Volunteer

Contact Cherie at [email protected] to sign up to volunteer once a month or even more.  You may help with Cherie’s soapmaking production while getting to sample some of the merchandise all the while learning more about the soap making process.  In addition, there are opportunities to help with packaging products, marketing materials, cleanup, etc.

Watch our newsletter and social media pages, to stay updated on upcoming events when we need volunteers.

5. Go

Getting you ready for a short-term trip with us to Kenya is something we take seriously.  Coming to see our projects first-hand, volunteering on the ground and meeting the people impacted by our work can be a life-changing experience.   To find out more if Kenya is for you, read “Considering a Trip to Kenya” blog.

One perk to coming with us is that we are less than an hour’s drive from Kilimanjaro, and on clear days, the view is incredible even from our neighborhood.  We have a tour company we recommend for 5-day Kilimanjaro climbs that can be arranged after the trip.  If the mountain is a little much for you, we always make some arrangement for a brief 1-2 day tour of the nearby Tsavo game park where you can see elephants, zebras, giraffes, etc in the wild.


We are grateful for your support and look forward to working with you.