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“Foothold: a secure position for further progress or development.”

What we do...


Foothold International’s Biosand filters provide up to 99% pure water, reduce deforestation and last up to 10 years with proper care.

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Empowers community groups to handcraft soap for their local schools and community through our partnership with Pacha Soap Co.

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Provides artisans access to consumers who value high-quality, handmade items such as aprons, bags, soap, skincare, jewelry…

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Jasiri is a self-sustaining menstrual pad company improving the quality of life for women.

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Our Mission

Foothold is a faith-based nonprofit serving in Kenya, East Africa utilizing sustainable, local resources and people to make lasting change in the lives of local communities. Our focus is clean water, sanitation, and hygiene innovations that empower people to prevent disease while providing a way out of poverty.

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How we do things

Foothold works with dreamers and servant leaders within their local communities of Kenya, giving them the tools to pull themselves out of poverty and empower them to bring their neighbors and friends along with them.

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Covid Update: October 2020

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