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Salome is 14 years old and lives with younger brother, Emmanuel and her elderly grandparents.  When her parents split up several years ago, her mother took Salome and her brother to live with her Salome’s maternal grandparents.

Her mother struggled with severe depression and was not able to work.  Salome’s grandparents’ burden became heavier and sustaining them financially and emotionally was a challenge. When life became hard and unbearable for the grandparents, they decided to request a relative who lives in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, to take in Salome’s mother and live with her. As a result, Salome and her younger brother were left behind in the care of their grandparents. The separation brought about emotional pain on both Salome and her younger brother.

In one of TCA’s home visits, the grandparents shared with us about Salome’s predicaments; since the time when their family broke up, she has been in emotional pain for she was very attached to the parents and now to make the matters worse, she has now been separated from her only remaining parent; her mother. This leads Salome into deep depression to the extent of making her faint for long hours. She used to look frail, and was always in and out of the hospital. She has been unsure about the outcome of her life. She is a bright girl and gifted in singing and has a voice for music.

The grandparents confided with us that since TCA started supporting her and her brother with food and education, her face now beams with hope. Moreover, the words of hope and counseling given to her during home visits, and the Bible lessons she is receiving at TCA have helped reduce her depression and now she faints less often. We trust God that she will completely recover and one day God will make it happen; their family will be re united again!