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Fridah is the last-born daughter in her family. Fridah is like many young women in her community to be pressured to marry at a young age. Their family stands to receive a bride price in exchange for her marriage to an older man. It takes great courage to refuse such arrangements and stand up to her family, but this also leaves her with no means to pay her high school fees. Girls in her position often resort to prostitution to pay their school fees, which more often than not traps a girl into prostitution and drug abuse, that will pull her further from her schooling.

She is currently finishing 8th grade and about to begin her first year of high school. She received a one-year scholarship to cover her high school tuition. For family’s like Fridah’s, high school tuition is a fortune, costing approximately $500/year when many families like hers are making less than $2/day. This can add up to be an entire year’s wages.
Fridah is so grateful for sponsorship of her 2023 school year. When girls in Kenya remain in school past 8th grade, they are much more likely to graduate and continue on to college. Girls who complete their secondary education also marry later, are less vulnerable to exploitation, and become more civically engaged. All of these factors help to reduce overall poverty. See Fridah’s bio she wrote for us:

My name is Fridah, and I am the last born in the family of four. We live with our Mum in the slum village. My mum does manual jobs to feed and keep us in school. Last term I was sent back home from school to get school fees but because my mum had no money, she arranged for my marriage which I declined.

She got mad at me and since then she told me that I should go and look for my own school fees because I had declined her marriage proposal when she wanted me to enter into an early marriage and, I am underage. I pray that a  well wisher would help me complete my studies by paying my school fees which will enable me complete my studies and become a teacher and a counselor so that I can help other girls who drop out of school due to the same circumstances as me.

Foothold International also thanks you for your generosity that will help Fridah succeed in 2023 and beyond. We are excited to follow up with Fridah through the next year and update you on her progress. To help us make sure Fridah finishes high school, click the link below.