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Alice lives in Kenya. She has overcome many challenges, and she wants to break the negative cycles in her family. Alice has also suffered from various medical challenges related to a massive breast tumor.

Alice is so grateful for sponsorship of her 2023 school year. When girls in Kenya remain in school past 8th grade, they are much more likely to graduate and continue on to college. Girls who complete their secondary education also marry later, are less vulnerable to exploitation, and become more civically engaged. All of these factors help to reduce overall poverty. See Alice’s bio she wrote for us:

My name is Alice, and I am the last born in a family of 8 children. None of my siblings went to high school because both of my parents are drug addicts, jobless, and poor. As I stare into the blank sky, I wonder who will help me fulfill my dream to become a nurse so that I can help children with cancer and other terminal diseases. Because I am a breast tumor survivor, I want, when I grow up, to start a rehabilitation center and help both men and women who are drug addicts like my parents to reform.

Foothold International also thanks you for your generosity that will help Alice succeed in 2023 and beyond. We are excited to follow up with Alice through the next year and update you on her progress. To help us support families like Alice’s, click the link below to make a donation.