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Lina Wakio lives in the town of Taveta, Kenya, East Africa. She is being raised by her mother who struggles to feed the family, pay rent, and buy medicine for her grandmother.

Lina is so grateful for your sponsorship of her 2023 school year. When girls in Kenya remain in school past 8th grade, they are much more likely to graduate and continue on to college. Girls who complete their secondary education also marry later, are less vulnerable to exploitation, and become more civically engaged. All of these factors help to reduce overall poverty. See Lina’s bio she wrote for us:


Linah Wakio is my name. I am the first born child in my family. I was born and brought up by a single mum after our Dad chased us away from our ancestral home and later remarried. Our mum is struggling to feed us, pay house rent where we live as well as buy medicines for our sick grandmother. I am appealing for any kind of help to enable me continue with my education.

I hope to complete my studies, acquire skills that will enable me secure a well paying job to support my mother and my younger brother.

Foothold International also thanks you for your generosity that will help Lina succeed in 2023 and beyond. We are excited to follow up with Lina through the next year and update you on her progress. To help us support families like Lina’s, click the link below to make a donation.