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August 2020 Covid Update

By September 8, 2020March 3rd, 2022Cattle, Covid-19 Response, Goats, TCA, Uncategorized, Updates

WASH, Sustainable Income, & Dairy Cows

Our team in Kenya continues to stay busy.  The Kenyan government has restricted all trainings in Kenya except WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) trainings.  In partnership with the local health department, they have been including our Jasiri training on menstrual hygiene. These trainings generally are held outdoors under a tree.

In the last two months our team has starting working with adolescent boys, holding separate trainings for girls and boys.  While we often target our outreach to adolescent girls due to their vulnerabilities, recently our team has found the boys in their community and surrounding areas to be surprisingly receptive and eager to engage in tough social topics.

So far the boys have been eager to come and ask serious questions about reproductive health, mental health topics and relationships. Charity Kiriiynya, our general manager, has reported that boys’ needs are often overlooked in Kenya. She found the boys to be struggling with social emotional issues and were hungry for a safe space to learn and ask important life questions.

Charity has used this time to also promote awareness of menstrual health and the importance of understanding and respecting young women’s unique needs instead of shaming them during their periods as part of reproductive health education.

We are excited to see how this generation of young men interact with each other and the women in their community moving forward as they grow into adulthood.

On the farm, we have some great news.  Three families are able to support themselves through our food outreach during, families that have now a sustainable income even after the challenges of Covid pass.

A local woman (pictured above with her children) who was making and selling illicit brew is now working and selling food crops from the farm. In Kenya, the illicit brew industry is quite dangerous, and those who produce it can be imprisoned for life.  Often the alcohol is mixed with additives like ethanol among other substances, which can cause severe hallucinations, blindness and death.  Proceeds from her work has enabled her to provide for her family without relying on illicit alcohol sales.

Tito is another employee supporting his family through the water sales now that the well at the farm is finished. (Tito pictured below).

John (pictured above)  is earning an income and feeding his family through the produce he harvests and the wages he’s earning.

Mwala and Jack are also farm workers who have been able to work and provide for their children. (2 pictures below)

Our cows continue to do well. They are both relatively young adult females whose milk production will continue to increase over the next year. Lulu and Precious are well cared for by our new employee, Benson (pictured below).

As part of your support, he is earning a living to provide for his family as his work helps to support the children’s feeding programs in Taveta.  In addition to his wages, he receives milk to take home to his family.

Ben is proud of his work and takes tender care of our new cattle. We hope to add more cows this winter through our Cattle Drive Fundraiser.  Our new cow stable will hold an additional 8 cows. Our team is also anticipating breeding our females and hope to grow the family in the next year.