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Meet Precious and Lulu!

(Precious is above & Lulu is pictured below)

Precious and Lulu are our first cows we acquired in the spring of 2020. These cows are cared for by the Taveta Children’s Assistance (TCA) program.   The milk yields enough to pay their caretaker’s income to support his family and provides food for the TCA feeding program.

Through donations from many of you, Foothold not only purchased these gorgeous cows, but we built a cow stable with a potential capacity of 8 cows.

Each cow costs $1,000, but they yield over $100/month in milk that can be sold to provide food for the feeding program as well as hiring staff to help with the children’s needs.

Our cows are given a thorough physical by local veterinarian who monitors their vitals and documents their milk production. TCA provides them high quality Napier grass which promotes the production of better quality milk for their community, but they still sell it to local families below market price to help their community.

Often TCA will hire the parents of the children they serve to help them provide for their family and receive job mentoring.

Contributing to our cattle fundraising drive is a gift that will give vulnerable children and their families a path out of poverty while providing a source of affordable milk to an area that is often suffering from food insecurity.

Click link below to contribute to our Cattle Drive!