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Rosemary Zuberi is 20 years old and a sophomore in high school. This is actually quite remarkable and a sign of her resilence and commitment to her education because she is also the caregiver for her three younger siblings: Gift Muli, Junio Fundi, and Brighton Isaac.

After the birth of her youngest brother, her father left them, and her family has not been able to locate him. Then five years ago her mother died of cancer. Since that time Rosemary has been in and out of school, but she never gave up on completing high school.

Rosmary described to TCA staff the day her mother died:

“One day in the evening, as we were coming home from school, we found a relatively large crowd gathered at our home. There was a somber mood. ‘’What’s going on?’’ asked Rosemary.  On coming closer and into the house, a neighbor broke news to me that our mother had succumbed to cancer in the hospital.”

After the burial of their mother, they were left without any caregiver, so they had no one to depend on for any kind of support. Getting school provisions, school fees and food for them was not possible. The well-wishers’ negligible support was not enough. The youngest two kids in the family Brighton Isaac and Junior Fundi were severely malnourished.

Fortunately, before their mother died, she was able to purchase a small home, so they do not have to pay rent, but struggle to pay for water and utilities.   As of June 2020, their water has been disconnected due to their inability to pay.

But thanks to God! Two years ago, they were brought to Taveta Children Assistance project of Vulnerable Children at the TCA Children’s Center and were considered for support. Regular and balanced meals are now being provided for them. As a result, the siblings are now healthy and the two youngest kids are no longer malnourished.

They are happy, healthy and beaming with hope. ‘’Asante sana TCA kwa msaada huu na Mungu awabariki,’’ the children said in unison during one of the food distribution trips to their home. This translates to mean, ‘’Thank you TCA for this support and may God bless you.’’

During this time of the COVID 19 pandemic, the partners support to TCA is significantly crucial as all the other well-wishers who had been helping with little gifts can no longer do so as many of them have lost their jobs and businesses as a result of the COVID 19.

TCA staff visits their household routinely, offering Christian counseling as well as the psychosocial support.

TCA has made arrangements with a responsible family member who lives nearby to  communicate with TCA and the local village leaders if any problems or needs arise for the children.

Thanks to all of you our supporters who help TCA to help.