We covet your prayers as we do the work of the ministry both here in the U.S, and Kenya East Africa. It is through prayer that Foothold International is sustained, and God enables us to fulfill the mission and vision that He has given us. Our Prayer Team Coordinator will keep you up to date on prayer requests, as well as ongoing prayer needs for the ministry.


Do you believe in what God is doing through Foothold International? If so, consider introducing us to your friends and family by hosting a Foothold Tea in your home, church, or any gathering place.

During the Foothold Tea we share the mission and vision of Foothold International, as well as information about our projects in Kenya, east Africa.


We invite you to invest financially in the work that Foothold International is doing both here in the U.S., and in Kenya, East Africa. By giving regularly to our General Fund, you help sustain the overall operations and strategic areas of the ministry.

With your investment in Foothold’s WASH Cycle, we can make an even greater impact on the health of Kenyan communities through biosand water filtration, hand washing/soap making, and more effective toilets.

Just $130.00 can impact single mothers and widows in Kenya for a lifetime. Dairy goats not only provide nutritious milk for families, but they also raise a woman’s status in the community. Goats are given on the promise that the first female offspring is given back to Foothold, so that it can be passed on to another widow or single mother.


Foothold provides opportunities for individuals and small teams to go to Kenya to participate in ongoing projects. Projects include Sports/Youth discipleship, and biosand water filtration.


A Water-Can Walk is an excellent way for youth groups or individuals to raise awareness concerning global water issues. Funds raised by the event benefit Foothold’s Biosand Water Filter project and WASH Cycle. During a Water-Can Walk, individuals carry an empty container to a water source such as a pond or lake. Then, they fill the container, and return to the starting point. The journey is usually 3 miles total. By doing this, one walks in solidarity with the millions of women and children who walk great distances each day to fetch water for their families.

Volunteer or Advocate

Volunteering at a Foothold event is an excellent way to make an impact locally as well as globally. Opportunities include our Fundraiser Banquet, Water-Can Walk, or committing to telling others about Foothold.

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