Dairy Goats


Dairy goats are relatively small animals, yet their sustainable impact on the lives of women and their families is great. The ownership of just one dairy goat can elevate a woman’s status in her community. Some dairy goats produce milk up to twice per day, providing milk for the family, and some to sell. In addition, dairy goats provide other income opportunities such as being sold to pay children’s school fees, collateral towards micro loans, and provide a buffer for financial emergencies.
Foothold International began its dairy goat program in 2011. Each dairy goat is given on the promise that the first female offspring will be given back to Foothold to be given to another widow or single mother. Once this obligation is met, all other offspring can be kept or sold.
Dairy goat recipients attend a one-day animal husbandry course, which is facilitated by a local government veterinarian. Course topics include nutrition, reproduction, milk production, and disease prevention.
Only after successful completion of the course, may they take their dairy goat home.
Foothold International also maintains its own breeding stock, which ensures genetic integrity of the offspring, health, and cost to donors. A $130.00 donation can provide a dairy goat to a single mother or widow.
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