Foothold International is a nonprofit faith-based organization working in Kenya, East Africa, to transform communities through holistic Christian discipleship, education and community development projects called “Footholds”. Consider investing in a Foothold today, we make it easy for you to donate one time, or ongoing. Your donation is fully tax-deductible. Foothold International is a 501(c)(3) religious organization that strives to maintain Biblical stewardship principals in all we do.


The health and wellbeing of a community has an enormous impact on poverty. If someone is not well, their family is at risk, especially if that person is the sole provider for that family. Foothold is working on ways to improve the health of Kenyan communities by connecting healthcare individuals in the United States with healthcare workers in Kenya, to develop community health programs that focus on prevention of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Malaria, TB, and diarrhea.

Your ongoing gift of $30.00, $50.00, or $75.00 will go a long way to create a community health program that will one day sustain itself.


Sometimes the problem is not about the availability of water, it is what’s in the water that causes major health problems. One day, with the help of people like you, Foothold envisions drilling water wells that go beyond the depths of many contaminated water sources. Until then, there are very simple ways that even the most contaminated water can be 99% bacteria free.

You can help a family start drinking water that would have made them seriously ill today, but can be 99% bacteria free tomorrow. Fee of sediment, free of disease, you enjoy this type of water everyday; it contributes to your good health, not your death. How about our brothers and sister in Kenya?

Contact us via our Contact Page if you would like to get involved in Foothold’s water purification projects.


Give-A-goat is a simple, yet very practical way you can change the life of a family who may have no income. Your investment of $100.00 will buy a Milk Goat for a family in need. Once received, this goat can produce enough milk for its owner’s family to drink, as well as sell to others in the community. The recipient must agree that the first female offspring is gifted back to Foothold, to be given to another family, thus starting the process all over. Any offspring beyond the first female can provide more income through milk production, meat that can be sold, or feed its owner.

When you invest in Give-A-Goat, you will receive a short bio, know what the recipient named the goat, and picture of the family who received it.

Give-A-Goat makes a great gift for friends or family members.